Recent Before & After Photos

Soot Stains Are No Match

After a flower arrangement caught fire from a nearby candle that was burning, this home was left with a lot of soot residue throughout the lower level of their ... READ MORE

What Untreated Storm Damage Can Turn Into

With all the crazy weather and storms that are affecting our area recently, it is important to keep a close eye on your home.  Many times people do not thi... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Den

After being hit by a large storm, this home was damaged by an influx of water after their sump pump stopped working for them.  The den of the house wa... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Office

Sometimes looks can be deceiving.  Although the before picture appears to be a beautiful, clean office, there is a completely water saturated carpet coveri... READ MORE

Soot Stained Stairway

After a home fire caused major damage in the bottom floor of this home, the majority of the house was left with a lot of smoke damage.  Soot can leave a da... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Garage Made Like New

After a riding lawn mower caused a fire in a two car garage, all contents within the garage and some of the surrounding rooms were affected by the black so... READ MORE

Commercial Office With Standing Water

When a water heater experienced a leak, this commercial business was left with a lot of standing water throughout their offices.  The flooring throughout t... READ MORE

Waiting Room Affected With Standing Water

After a water heater began to leak in a commercial office, water started spreading throughout their whole facility.  The carpeting throughout the offices w... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

After a water supply line broke on a piece of equipment in this commercial building, many offices and businesses were left with extensive water damage.  No... READ MORE

Rugs Completely Saturated With Water Following a Storm

After all the rain storms of last week, this home experienced a failed sump pump overnight.  With the water unable to escape, it started to accumulate in t... READ MORE