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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Leather Furniture

This leather chair was shipped from overseas and placed in a wooden crate by professional movers, then placed in storage. Once opened, it was discovered that wa... READ MORE

Board Up Service 24/7 Emergency Response

A homeowner contacted us After a car ran through the garage door. SERVPRO of Roanoke, Montgomery & Pulaski provides board up service for any type of struct... READ MORE

Restoring to Pre-Loss Condition

This table was in a residential fire in Blacksburg, VA, The kitchen was located directly above the source room of the fire (where the heat is the hottest and m... READ MORE

Cleaning of Smoke Damaged Contents

This vase was part of the contents from a house fire in Daleville, VA. It along with many other contents are cleaned to pre-loss condition or better. SERVPRO'... READ MORE

Graffiti Removal

This Roanoke, VA church was vandalized. We were able to remove the graffiti and paint, saving the church replacement cost of this baby grand piano and other va... READ MORE

Mold Damage in Roanoke, VA

Clean or replace? The homeowner was questioning whether to g to remove or replace the bathtub insert when mold growth took over the entire enclosure. After SER... READ MORE

Sewage backup in Vinton, VA

Unfortunate situations like sewage backups require professional help. Dangerous bacteria is not something homeowners want to deal with. SERVPRO cleaned and sa... READ MORE

Water damage restoration in Christiansburg, VA

2nd floor water came through this bedroom ceiling bringing down the ceiling and insulation. We completed the job to before loss condition! The customer was ve... READ MORE

Moldy Jacket/Perfect Jacket

We love this before and after picture! We now have an ESPORTA wash system that can clean anything! Our own Clark Goodman had his old Harley leather jacket st... READ MORE

Fire at local bar and grill in Salem, VA

A restaurant in Salem Virginia incurred an electrical fire in the attic . The fire caused major smoke damage as well as water damage from the fire being extin... READ MORE

Mold damage in Troutville, VA

A basement left to fend for itself against moisture will always lose to mold until corrected. We removed the tiles, remediated the mold and applied an anti-mic... READ MORE

Residential Fire Damage in Botetourt County, VA

This home endured severe fire damage as well as water damage. As you can see in the before picture, the fire went through the roof, leaving the interior exposed... READ MORE

Biohazard Bathroom in Roanoke, Va

This biohazard bathroom damage in Roanoke, Va was the result of many years of neglect. Urine, feces, and dirt affected the entire bathroom making it non functio... READ MORE

Vehicle hits residence

A vehicle lost control and collided with a residence in Roanoke. Damage was sustained to the brick, the vinyl siding, soffit and guttering, as well as destroyi... READ MORE

Fire Damage

A fire heavily damaged a residential townhouse located in an upscale community in Blacksburg. The fire spread through the attic area of the home and came the r... READ MORE

Fire Damages Home

This residence was damaged after a lightning strike caused a fire in the attic of the home. The fire spread through out the 2nd story of the home damaging both... READ MORE

Fire Damage

This home's fire started in the attic of the home and spread throughout the 2nd story. The ceiling had collapsed and the smoke, fire and water damage that ensu... READ MORE

Water Damaged Basement

This basement living room experienced water damage after the owner of the home went away for the weekend. When he got back he found his carpet was completely s... READ MORE

Moldy Boots Made like New!

These moldy boots were given to us after being in storage for a long period of time. They had a hard time standing up straight on their own and were speckled w... READ MORE

Furniture Warehouse Water Damage

After a local furniture warehouse discovered substantial water damage in their facility, they called in our team to help mitigate the problem. Our team worked ... READ MORE

Remodeled After Mold Remediation

After a house experienced a water loss that lead to significant damage, a mold growth had formed in the bathroom. Due to the extent of the damage, there had to... READ MORE

Water Damaged Floors Left Warped

When water damage is left on wooden floors, it is not uncommon for them to become warped and ruined with time. The longer the water sits, the more intensive th... READ MORE

Water Damaged Rug

Water damage can be very tricky when a carpeted floor is involved. Many time there is subflooring that also can be affected by a water damage that you can not ... READ MORE

Rugs Completely Saturated With Water Following a Storm

After all the rain storms of last week, this home experienced a failed sump pump overnight. With the water unable to escape, it started to accumulate in the ba... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

After a water supply line broke on a piece of equipment in this commercial building, many offices and businesses were left with extensive water damage. Not onl... READ MORE

Waiting Room Affected With Standing Water

After a water heater began to leak in a commercial office, water started spreading throughout their whole facility. The carpeting throughout the offices was no... READ MORE

Commercial Office With Standing Water

When a water heater experienced a leak, this commercial business was left with a lot of standing water throughout their offices. The flooring throughout the bu... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Garage Made Like New

After a riding lawn mower caused a fire in a two car garage, all contents within the garage and some of the surrounding rooms were affected by the black soot an... READ MORE

Soot Stained Stairway

After a home fire caused major damage in the bottom floor of this home, the majority of the house was left with a lot of smoke damage. Soot can leave a dark re... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Office

Sometimes looks can be deceiving. Although the before picture appears to be a beautiful, clean office, there is a completely water saturated carpet covering th... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Den

After being hit by a large storm, this home was damaged by an influx of water after their sump pump stopped working for them. The den of the house was complete... READ MORE

What Untreated Storm Damage Can Turn Into

With all the crazy weather and storms that are affecting our area recently, it is important to keep a close eye on your home. Many times people do not think a ... READ MORE

Soot Stains Are No Match

After a flower arrangement caught fire from a nearby candle that was burning, this home was left with a lot of soot residue throughout the lower level of their ... READ MORE

What a Difference a Clean Carpet Can Make

It does not take much for a carpet to start to appear stained and dirty, especially in an office or commercial building. With all the crazy weather that comes ... READ MORE

Sump Pump Failure Leads to Mold Growth

Accompanying the transition into summer weather is normally an influx of heavy periods of rain. This rain can come down heavily in such a manner than some sump... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Kitchen, Made Like New!

This home experienced a fire damage in the basement, but that did not stop the smoke from working its way up to the main floors of this home. The smoke residue... READ MORE

Local School Classroom Cleanup

As summer comes to an end, it's time for the preparations to start in anticipation for the student's return back to school! While kids gather their school supp... READ MORE

Mold Growth on Garage Wall

When a homeowner noticed a section of the wall in their garage had mold starting to grow on it, they knew it was important to take care of the problem ASAP. Th... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Remediation

This commercial business experienced a water damage that came from an adjoining wall to another business. Thankfully the damage only affected two rooms within ... READ MORE

Aftermath of a HVAC Leak

If an HVAC leak goes undiscovered for long periods of time, it can cause a tremendous amount of damage to a home or business. In this case, this commercial bus... READ MORE