Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

After a fire broke out in this University's research facility, they were in need of a deep clean to get rid of all the smoke residue.  This included an air duct cleaning so that none of the smoke remained circulation from the Air Duct systems throughout the building.

Red Clay Stains

This college art studio is being repurposed for a new program, so they called on SERVPRO of Roanoke to clean up all the thick red clay that was matted on the walls, as well as the red dust that covered the ceiling and walls!

Commercial Water Damage

This local business suffered water damage due to a broken pipe that sprayed water throughout the evening resulting in the ceiling collapsing in areas.  SERVPRO was able to be onsite within 30 minutes of receiving the call to get the clean up started and water extracted.  The faster we can get to a water damage reduces the damage by thousands of dollars.

Manufacturing Facility Flooding

The area had received a severe rainstorm which resulted seemed to stop over Salem VA. A local manufacturer was in the middle of having their roof repaired when the storm hit.  Unfortunately, the temporary tarps were no match for the heavy rain and resulted in water damage to the office area's.

Fast Auto Loans

SERVPRO assisting our local businesses providing emergency service for water damage due to a fast moving storm.  The sewer system had backed up due to the amount of water in the storm drains.  SERVPRO provides 24/7 Emergency Service

Elementary School

SERVPRO of Roanoke providing water damage services to a local School in Vinton after the main water line had burst. Thankfully, the damage was not too bad, just a lot of water to extract!