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Water Damage Testimonials

Ice split a pipe and water poured into our downstairs and spread through every room. It was after 4 p.m. when we noticed it and my first thought was that I probably could not get anyone to come out and help me until the next day. The contractor who had done all the remodeling throughout our house just a few years earlier said to call SERVPRO. Even though we live in the mountains more than an hour away from SERVPRO's facility, their crisis team (Robert and Kristy) was out here within a couple of hours and worked straight through until about 2 a.m. sucking up water and mitigating the damage. Starting early the next morning Matt, the person who would be taking the lead on our situation, and his assistant Hume were here and worked all day to remediate the problems. Tony, the production manager, came to assess the scope of the situation, and helped ease my mind about working with the insurance company. Matt was here every day after that for varying periods of time to assess the progress and do what was next on their protocol. I was very impressed with the science that was used to optimize the drying out process. Each person involved in my mess was just as professional as they could be and created an atmosphere of calming confidence that everything would be okay. SERVPRO's part of the restoration is complete and I could not be happier with their services and the people who provided them, especially Matt. Thank you.

On 1/19 my dishwasher flooded our main level of our house leaking into the ceiling in the garage. Since this, SERVPRO has been wonderful they are professional, courteous and very helpful through this process. Ladies came in to pack for me which I truly appreciate each and everyone of this group of people.

Quinn, Tommy and Shelia Barber here grateful for you and SERVPRO! We had a water damage to our kitchen, dining room, and ceilings downstairs from our refrigerator water line. Your workers were exceptionally patient, kind, thorough , prompt, confident in their abilities to correct the problem, reassuring, and knowledgeable!! We really appreciate their wonderful service. Robbie managed and assessed the damage and made great decisions on what needed to be done. Dokato and Cindy were wonderful on their jobs cutting wall board in the kitchen and ceiling and containing the area downstairs. They were so helpful, encouraging, and so positive and so glad to do anything to help move this job along!! Timmy and Shawn Willis were here for a bit and were very helpful and polite. Thank you so much for the lives of these fine workers! With best regards and gratitude!

Tommy and Shelia Barber

The SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Co. crew that serviced our home was excellent. Fantastic customer service and great people. They need a raise! They made a bad situation bearable. Thank you so very much.
Review By: Vanessera Broadnax


I pulled in my driveway and noticed water running out from under the garage door. After pulling in the garage I discovered that the hot water heater ruptured and water spraying out the top. The major problem is I have a music room on the same level full of equipment. When I opened the door there was approx 1'' of water. After I shut off the main water supply I remembered that my wife was at the beach with a friend, Carolyn Gearhart who works for SERVPRO so I called her. She said she would call it in. About 45 minutes later 2 SERVPRO vans pulled up and they started helping me carry out the music equipment and rolling up the banners while another got the wet vac going. It wasn't long before the room was empty and they placed high powered fans to dry out the room. Every day after a SERVPRO rep would come by and check to make sure all was drying. All music equipment was saved and I was back up and running in less than a week. A special thanks to SERVPRO

Could have been a major loss

We had a major flood due to a severe roof leaks. I called SERVPRO and within minutes they responded and started getting people on the scene. They were very detailed, organized and professional. I highly recommend them.

Awesome Team!

Excellent job! Robbie leads his staff well. Would recommend again.

Very professional work. Kevin, Shane & Jordan worked diligently in keeping everything dry, clean and livable. We appreciate all their hard work.

I appreciate the courteous and timely manner that this job was done in.

Robbie & Sean provided great service!

Very good at explaining process, taking time to communicate and help understand all aspects of process and rationale.

Great performance, follow-up was great.

Excellent and professional service throughout the entire process of water damage.

Well done! Very professional operation.

Wonderful company that worked with me 2,000 miles away!

Very supportive and compassionate and did what job called for.

During the cleanup and restoration of my home, I dealt with personal illness and a sudden illness/death/burial of a close friend. The unique staff at SERVPRO played a major part in reducing the stress and trauma during this painful time. A special thanks goes out to David Duffy, Tony Terry and Tami Schaffer.

We have been so pleased with all aspects of dealing with SERVPRO from the time our water problem occurred until it was resolved.

While I’m the first to complain if things are not going as expected or needed I also like to pass along praise as well… Tony, Robbie and Shane are excellent folks to work with. They all have great communication skills and a vast knowledge of what to do to get the job done right with the first try. They are truly an asset to your company and we are fortunate to have their expertise during our times of need. Thanks for making it like it never happen.

Greatly satisfied with all services performed by SERVPRO. They arrived 1 hour after the initial call and worked until midnight. Robbie went above & beyond my expections and has stayed in touch with me on a daily basis informing me of every process in place and what I can expect. He handles his job with great professionalism, care & concern. Will recommend SERVPRO to all my customers due to the efficient, timely and professional service given by your team. Thanks for everything!

These people were the best! They really made a bad siutation tolerable! Thank-you for all your help!

Robbie Terry is an amazing asset to your franchise. He is very knowledgeable and kept us informed throughout the process. He demonstrates incredible empathy and customer service. I hope we never have to go through this again, but if we do, I want Robbie running the show!

I have used SERVPRO before- the good service in the past keeps me coming back. The service is always prompt - courteous - professional - keep up the good work.

Made a bad experience better

".....They completed the job professionally and treated our family with respect. We were listened to, we were heard and our needs were met with integrity, kindness, clarity, constant check ins, and speed. Thank you VERY much!"

Very professional & expert on what and how to do the job. Thanks Kevin.